24th Bomb Squadron Planes

                                                       (Tail Numbers 1 - 25)



                                                                                              Spirit of Sammy    L TRI 01 / CIRC R 01    SN 42-63535

                                                                                                                          APC: Robert A. Hume



                                                                                                   Shasta    L TRI 02 / CIRC R 02    SN 44-61549

                                                                                               APC: George N. Schwager



                                                                                                     Sharon Linn  CIRC R 03     SN  44-70116

                                                                                              APC:  Gordon P. Jordan



                                                                          El Pajaro de la Guerra (War Bird)   L TRI 04 / CIRC R 04    SN 42-24874

                                                                                              APC: Robert L. Litchfield




                                                                      Big Joe   L TRI 05 / CIRC R 05    SN 42-24885

                                                          Note: This is the crew for Anonymous IV CIRC R 10  44-61688

                                                                                         APC: Richard F. Cooney




                                                                    Irish Lullaby  L TRI 06 / CIRC R 06    SN 42-24830

                                                                                           APC: Richard F. Cooney



                                                                                                              Fortune's Follies   L TRI 07  SN 42-65347

                                                                                                       APC: Robert P. Fortune

                                                                            (Lost April 7, 1945--Snooky Crew, APC Clark A. Preston)

                            (Two additional Fortune's Follies Existed: one crashed on Iwo on May 25, was repaired, then transferred;

                                                                                         the second ditched near Tinian on July 23)




                                                                                Bataan Avenger   L TRI 08/CIRC R 08    SN 44-69753

                                                                                                         APC: Paul E. Jones




                                         Holton's Hellions   L TRI 07(#2)   SN 44-61784               Incendiary Journey  CIRC R 07  44-61784 (nee Holton's Hellions)

                                                APC: Charlie H. Holton                                         APC1: Charlie H. Holton   APC2: Walter Bereznoff



                                               Ernie Pyle's Milk Wagon   L TRI 10  SN 42-93906          Uncle Sam's Milk Wagon  CIRC R 10  SN 42-93906

                                                              APC: Sam A. Parks                                                         APC: Sam A. Parks

                                                                                                                                                  (Lost on Iwo May 24, 1945)


                                                                                                  Anononymous IV  CIRC R 10 SN 44-61666

                                                                               APC1: Claude Johnson    APC2: John Howett

                                                              Photo of CIRC R 05 Crew (see above) is the Anonymous IV crew

                                                                                           Kneeling: Claude Johnson (center) , John Howett (right) 

                                                            Photo and crew info provided by W. David Wilson, whose father was left gunner and is kneeling at far left        




                                                                                                         Miss America '62   L TRI 11 / CIRC R 11  SN 42-65281

                                                                                                              APC: Bruce R. Alger




                                                                                            The Wolf Pack   CIRC R 12  SN 44-84063

                                                                                                APC: Philip A. Guay




                                                                                           Jake's Jernt  L TRI 13 / CIRC R 13    SN 44-61558

                                                                                                               APC: Jacob R. Schad

                                                                                                           (Condemned April 10, 1945)




                                                      Snooky L TRI  14   SN 42-24825                                                                        Patty Sue  CIRC R 14 (nee Snooky)  SN 42-24825                                                                                                                                             

                                                 APC1: Clark A. Preston                                                              APC2: Dragi C. Lazin    APC 3: Ramon L. Holzclaw                                          



                                                           Our Lady  CIRC R 16  SN ??-?????                                        Tinny Ann   CIRC R 16   SN 44-69865

                                                     APC: Robert L. Dawson                                                    APC: Raymond K. Ramsey




                                                                                       Unnamed   L TRI 17 / CIRC R 17    SN 42-24870

                                                                                                         APC: Joseph H. Snyder

                                                                                                            (Lost May 23, 1945)




                                                                                                                    Lovely Lois   CIRC R 18   SN 44-61905

                                                                                                        APC: Kingman E. Rogers