Fortune's Follies

                       Robert Patrick O'Riley Fortune and the 6th Bombardment Group (VH)

                                                                  Tinian Island, Mariana Islands

                                                                        January - August, 1945   



                                                    20th Army Air Force              313th Bomb Wing                 6th Bomb Group                  24th Bomb Squadron



                        The Target: Japan                              The Weapon: Fortune's Follies                                The Men: Crew 2408                                       


                                                           The XXI Bombardment Command

                                         The Boeing B-29                        XXI BC Structure               XXI BC Losses


                                                                                             The 6th Bombardment Group

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                                                                  Robert P. O'R. Fortune and Crew 2408

           Robert P. Fortune: War Years (PDF)  Crew 2408's Important Missions  Robert P. Fortune  Letters



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